Indian Moon Foundation

The Indian Moon Foundation became an official 501(c)3 (a non-profit designation) in 2017, allowing for the expansion of events via grant opportunities and fundraising. However, it would be the final year for one of the Foundation's Founders, Jim. His passing left Webb with a responsibility too big to bare on her own, but with the help of an enthusiastic and committed brute of board members, she hopes to keep the energy and efforts alive for this year's summer carnival and the Town's Christmas Eve event. (More details to come.) 






In 2010, the 'Wage Peace Summer Carnival' developed from two observant Philipsburg residents, Jim Adie (top left) and Jasper Webb (top right), both of whom recognized the community's lack of access to safe, healthy spaces for its youth. Developing secure environments where children can have a means of entry to fun, physical activities regardless of varying financial backgrounds became their solution. Together Adie and Webb began a campaign dedicated to hosting free events for the kids of this community, a campaign that has prevailed for nearly 7 years.